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¡Corre! El Encierro (The Running of the Bulls)

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What language teacher doesn’t love a good Rick Steves video of the Running of the Bulls?  This is a good activity if you need to take a break from providing the input for about 20 minutes and want to cover one of the more intriguing cultural spectaculars of Spain at the same time. I made discussion questions in English and in Spanish. The video runs 6:23. I don’t imagine that it would be a problem in many schools, but out of an abundance of caution I will mention that Rick Steves is drinking a beer from :22 to :43. There are some other good homemade videos on YouTube that really make you feel like you’re there, but ensure that you screen them beforehand as some are a bit graphic.

My students always enjoy discovering who in the class would and would not participate in this. There are always a couple who surprise me with their answers. In fact, I would love to know if you would run with them or if you would be willing to share any personal experiences from the Festival of San Fermín. Leave a comment below!

Running of the Bulls Worksheet (English)

Running of the Bulls Worksheet (Spanish)