El Internado BINGO

Are you looking for something that will keep you in the target language and that your students will enjoy while you press “pause” on the series to give your students time to process what’s happening? Here is a BINGO game for the first half of the first season of El Internado: La Laguna Negra. There are 50 clues and 35 unique BINGO cards.

While I designed this edition (there are more to come!) to review what happened in the first several episodes, you can use this game at any point in the series since you can simply add details to the clues the more you and your students watch. If you aren’t to this point yet, download my free editable Jeopardy! game based on the first episode. You are having your kids doing ample reading in addition to watching, right? I have you covered  with free in-depth episode guides for each episode of the first season.

A Few Recommendations

  • You may want to project the clues on your whiteboard as you read them off to give your students a visual anchor, or you may choose to make it more of a listening comprehension exercise.
  • Laminate the clue sheets and the BINGO cards for use with dry erase markers.
  • Discuss what counts as a BINGO before you start playing. I’ve found that some students have played variations in which “four corners” counts as a BINGO in addition to the traditional horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.
  • For your more advanced classes, you could have your students use circumlocution to describe each of their winning spaces as they verify their BINGO with you before they can claim their prize.

While the program is back on Netflix for the time being, you can also order your own complete DVD set from the U.S. Amazon site or from Amazon.es. Remember to check the region setting on your DVD player before you buy (here’s an awesome name brand region-free player).


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